Case Studies

Geographic data analytics and an interactive dashboard were created to assess the local performance of state-wide public health and safety interventions.

We worked with this community health provider to complete a detailed competitor analysis informing decisions about acquisitions, partnerships, and innovation.

We created an interactive tool that considers demand for crisis accommodation and community suitability to identify the optimal location for new shelters.

Smarterknowledge created an interactive geographic evidence-base for Defence Bank to drive local strategy using market share analysis.

We worked with this government client to transform performance reporting into impact measurement by shifting the focus from outputs to value.

Intereach wanted to identify the best locations within and beyond their geographic footprint to expand In-home Aged Care and Family Day Care.

Smarterknowledge developed a university’s integrated regional impact framework to better communicate,  prioritise and guide future community investment and activity.

We changed the name of a government Branch to increase accessibility and clarity of purpose, future proof, and support service delivery outcomes.

Smarterknowledge helped our large government client manage the distribution of their support services with an innovative tool.